Postcard Print and Mail Service

Extreme Postcard can provide you with the lead generation you need to grow your Business. Direct Postcard Mailings are the best way you can reach thousands of leads without leaving your office. 

Extreme Postcard Makes It Easy!
Quality, color postcards are printed on both sides in full color on heavy gloss coated stock. When your targeted postcard reaches your potential customer, they will be sure to immediately grab their attention. Our price includes mailing list rental, data processing, full color printing, mailing service and presorted postage.

Best Mailing List Selections!
You are able to target only the people you want to reach with your message. You can select from dozens of proven buyer and responder lists for your target market. We help you track results and constantly refine list selection, ensuring that your postcards go to the most responsive prospects. We remove any duplicate names when we combine multiple lists.

Quick Turnaround Time
Mailings normally go out within 6 working days. It takes 2-3 days to print from your custom graphic design. Once your mailing lists are selected, your mailing is addressed and delivered to the post office within 2-3 days. We send you a postcard on your mailing date so you know when your prospective customers have received their postcards.

Custom Postcard Design
You simply pick the size and let us know what photos, headlines, and copy you would like to use to promote your business. We create a custom design based on your vision and specifications.  Our price for this service is $127 and includes 2.5 hours as well as purchasing any required stock photos.

Large Postcard - 5.5" x 8.5"

Quantity Mailed 2,500 5,000 10,000
List Rentals $350 $650 $1250
Postcard Printing $290 $385 $690
Mailing Service $195 $310 $590
Standard Postage $697 $1350 $2700
TOTAL $1532 $2695 $5230
Price Each $.61 $.54 $.52
Choose Regular or Large Size Postcards
Regular 4x6 size postcards mail first class at the presorted postage rate of $.25 each.  Large size postcards mail at the presorted standard class rate of $.27 each for nationwide mailings.

Regular Postcard - 4" x 6"

Quantity Mailed 2,500 5,000 10,000
List Rentals $350 $650 $1250
Postcard Printing $217 $347 $647
Mailing Service $195 $310 $590
First Class Postage $625 $1250 $2500
TOTAL $1387 $2557 $4987
Price Each $.55 $.51 $.50

Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3

Use the drop-down menu to select your quantity and click the Buy Now button to order your print and mail campaign. If you do not have an account with Google Checkout, one will be set up automatically when you complete the form.

Email us your logo, headlines, and sales message you would like printed on the front and back of your postcards. Make sure to include your phone number and website address. We have many years of experience working with companies and are happy to help you with your design. We know how to develop a successful postcard that will work in your specific industry.

Email us your targeted mailing list selections of buyers and responders you would like to reach in your mailing.

Click here to start your email.

Selecting Your Targeted Buyer List
There are virtually hundreds of mailing lists on the market.  Our specialty is looking for those dozen or so lists that will be highly responsive for your specific offer. As soon as we have your offer it is emailed to our list broker who will make recommendations of lists that would be most likely to buy your offer.  These data card profiles and list counts will be emailed to you so we can discuss which lists to rent for your campaign.  

Affiliate Campaigns
Extreme Postcard can set-up corporate website portals that offer your marketing materials to your team.  This gives you a turn key solution to build your business.  We look forward to working with you!